Shopping for diamond studs earrings at is a breeze. Our educational articles help consumers understand the terminology and investment they are making with their purchase. From years of selling diamond earrings, we understand the need to have all your questions answered before you make an expensive transaction.

Once you understand the value we offer compared to retail chains in malls and other online stores, we will have a customer for life. So, if you would like to know exactly why’s collection of diamond earrings is unique, you can refer to some of the most common questions we receive at our customer service hotline.

You should also read our Diamond Buying Guide which gives advice on how to start shopping for beautiful diamond studs.

We are proud to offer EGL-USA certified graded diamonds for sale. Most gemologists agree that the top three grading labs worldwide are AGS. GIA, and EGL-USA.

We choose EGL-USA because they supply the crucial information of each diamond’s proportions, which empowers you to judge for yourself how much brilliance and fire your diamond will display.

While a GIA report has valuable information, it does not list the proportions to evaluate Cut. It is Cut alone, (the proportions of your diamond) that will allow you determine a diamond’s return of brilliant light when compared to another diamond of equal cost.

Buying Diamond Earrings

Here are some of the most popular questions about buying Diamond earrings and jewelry from Click on the hyperlink in each question to read our answers and resources we provide to our customers.

1. Where do you source your diamonds? Can you be assured that they are conflict-free diamonds?
2. Do your graded diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity?
3. How do you read a EGL-USA diamond certificate?
4. I know the 4C’s but what is the best strategy for buying diamond earrings?
5. How do some diamond earrings sparkle while other diamond studs look dull?
6. What is your diamond return policy?

Why “Cut” is Vital for Brilliant Diamond Earrings

Our customers are well aware of the “4 C”, clarity, color, cut and carat weight. We would like to focus on one aspect of the 4 C’s that actually makes a significant difference on how diamond earring look when worn. The one “C” that can be controlled by man is the “Cut”.

In the matter of “cut”, the diamond cutter has to make a decisions between optimizing quality or quantity.

Most consumers want the best quality diamond earring but they are often focused on the color and clarity more than cut. It is the “Cut” that creates the most “fire” in a diamond earring. There are six basic categories of “cuts” that are sold at the retail level.