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The symbolic value of a diamond eternity ring

Eternity bands, as we’ve expressed here, are pretty much symbols of ‘eternal love’ that commemorate significant milestones in your relationship with your wife or girlfriend. If you’re presenting that diamond eternity band to your girlfriend, it’s a beautiful way to celebrate a long relationship… and potentially start an engagement.

Gifting it to your wife simply commemorates a milestone in your relationship, celebrating it for years to come.

Question: So, I’m interested. Can you tell me about the different styles of eternity rings out there? Do I even have to settle for diamonds, and what about a white gold eternity ring?

Answer: Well, you don’t have to immediately settle for diamonds, but they’re pretty much all over the current market of diamond eternity bands! That said, there are a lot of style options for eternity bands, so you really won’t have trouble finding one for your loved one and yourself.

The Different Styles And Designs Available

The semi-eternity style is popular for both wedding rings and your classic eternity band. They’re best characterized by their row of diamonds that rest at the top of the ring. These eternity rings often don’t have diamonds lining the sides or the bottom of the jewelry, a design omission that often makes the band more comfortable to wear—and less expensive, at that.

As for the diamonds, you’ll likely come across round, emerald-cut or princess-cut diamonds set into these bands.

Channel set are those diamond eternity bands that have diamonds lining the entire band. The diamonds themselves sit flush against the band’s surface, making each diamond sit side by side. Since the diamonds sit so flush together, they form a smoother surface around the ring, making it more comfortable to wear.

You might have to spend a little more on this style of diamond eternity band, though for a woman that likes a more comfortable ring, it’s worth it. No one stopping you from getting a white gold eternity ring for yourself, either!

Prong set diamond eternity bands can be dramatic and elegant. They feature diamonds that sit above the band, held in between three to four metal prongs, making it appear like many classic-style prong engagement rings.

The prong setting lets the diamonds get the full brunt of light exposure, causing the diamond to glimmer in any well-lit setting. It’s pretty much a perfect ring for women who love glimmering diamonds although you should be prepared to spend more on this one.