online diamond ringsFirst, note that your diamond is examined and evaluated twice: once by EGL-USA and again by Universal Gemological Services (UGS), which is the appraisal lab exclusively associated with EGL-USA.

Both certificates will be included with your diamond if you make a purchase from us.

Most gemologists agree that the top three grading labs worldwide are AGS. GIA, and EGL-USA. We choose EGL-USA because they supply the crucial information of each diamond’s proportions, which empowers you to judge for yourself how much brilliance and fire your diamond will display.

While a GIA report has valuable information, it does not list the proportions to evaluate Cut. It is Cut alone, (the proportions of your diamond) that will allow you determine a diamond’s return of brilliant light when compared to another diamond of equal cost.

Note 1: The proportions on this certificate show that this diamond will display a dazzling shower of brilliance and light. It falls within the tolerances for an AGS “0” grade, the highest cut quality defined.

The proportions of a diamond can account for about a 40% swing in cost, and in beauty and brilliance. The superior Cut of this diamond places it within the top 5% of all diamonds sold. Most people have never seen the impressive brilliance and scintillation of a diamond with an AGS “0” Cut quality.

Note 2: The Retail Replacement Value of your diamond has been established by UGS. UGS appraisers are highly qualified professionals with credentials from major appraisal organizations and gemological institutions. UGS specializes in appraisals for insurance and estate purposes and damage reports.

Note 3: The Carat Weight of your particular diamond may be between 5% lower and up to 17% higher than this certificate shows. These are parcel diamonds, and individually certified as they are sold.

Chances are that your carat weight will be slightly above the one indicated on this certificate. Remember, if you receive a lower weight than desired, you can always return it or exchange it within 30 days.

The Clarity of your diamond will be I1 or better. The Color of your diamond will be either G, H, or I (all rated “Near Colorless”).

Note 4: It is also important to note that the Carat Weight is not the Size of the diamond. The width of the diamond (what the viewer sees when looking at a mounted stone top down) is the first dimension shown in the Measurements area.

It is possible for a .97 Carat diamond to be wider than a 1.03 carat diamond. Finally, keep in mind that these measurements are minute. The visual difference of 4 points is about the width of a sheet of paper, impossible to distinguish with the naked eye.