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There’s a lot to be said for a wedding engagement ring. There’s a lot more to be said for looking for one.┬áBecause whoever said it’s the journey, not the destination that’s important was on to something.

I mean, having a wedding engagement ring is great, but what could be more fun than looking at them first? Think of it! The diamonds, the diamonds, the diamonds.

But you don’t have to get stuck in a diamond rut. No! Take the scenic route, and look at wedding engagement rings that have fancy color diamonds. Or wedding engagement ring sets that have diamonds and emeralds or diamonds and rubies or …

Or maybe you’d prefer to take a tour of fabulous antique wedding engagement rings. You could do worse things, that’s for sure. Antique dealers and estate jewelers have everything your little history-loving heart desires – Victorian wedding engagement rings, Edwardian wedding engagement rings, Art Deco wedding engagement rings, to name but a few.

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While you’re wandering around, taking in all the wedding engagement ring sites, don’t forget about the Superhighway. You can find wedding engagement ring sets galore on the Internet. You can even build your own wedding engagement ring, if you like, at our favorite online jeweler, mondera.com.

You can also stop in and visit some of the most famous jewelry designers like Harry Winston. You may not be able to afford a $10,000 pink diamond wedding engagement ring, but don’t let that stop you from looking!

Because those rings may give you some ideas for your own engagement ring. Which you can then find a jewelry designer to make for you. Look for a jewelry designer either on the Web or in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book if you decide to take this fork in the road. You certainly would never regret designing your own wedding engagement ring set.

Before you plunk down your money for any wedding engagement ring, though, you’ll want to make certain that it’s genuine. Request that your jeweler supply you with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It’s also a good idea to have your wedding engagement ring appraised by an independent appraiser.

Just like your mother always said, better safe than sorry. Don’t you just hate it when she’s right?